About Us

We started what was a simple website design agency back in 2011. Over the years a lot has changed for the requirements of an companies online profile via their website.

High speed internet has ushered in a day of mobile video content, high-res images and augmented reality sites. Mobile responsive websites were barely the norm for any business when we first opened our doors, now it is an essential part of a websites core.

With all of these wonderful changes, we have encountered tremendous opportunities and steep learning curves for us to develop our craft as technology has adapted.  I personally love the challenges that present themselves each working day as we strive with each project  to raise the bar set previously.


In the past twelve months, we have been working on planning the next phase of Red Noise Media and which direction we will be moving in to make sure that each and everyone of our clients has a team behind them that can drive their business forward with clever design and engaging, dynamic content.

We are moving into Video and audio content creation and distribution for our clients and are aiming to be one of the leading agencies in delivering this goal with focus on content that gets people talking and sharing.

If you would like to start a converstaion with us, please get in touch here. We would love to hear from you.

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