Blogging for growth

Blogging is an underestimated yet hugely important tool in improving your online presence. There are many ways that blogging can help your business and site. Even if it is simply an outlet to let people know who you are and where you are. In todays ever evolving and expanding community, it is a great feature for any business to relay information to customers and visitors. After all isn’t that why we are online, so we can obtain information? I know I am.

Google loves fresh content

The most important, in my opinion is that Google and the rest of the online search engines love fresh content. Search engines regularly look for new content when they are re indexing web pages and due to the complex algorithms they use, any new content they find will get a big virtual thumbs up and you will be rewarded for your efforts by seeing your page climb the rankings in searches. Not just any old content will do however and its extremely important to enrich your blog with keywords while all the while giving the reader your own personal take and observations on the topic.

Keep it relevant

The best way to reach out in a blog is to write about things that are relevant to the content you wish surfers (not to mention potential customers) to find. If, for example, your business is in the technology sector, then write about new and upcoming trends in technology, if your business is of a medical nature, then write about medical information, and so on and so on, it’s that simple. People can easily find themselves blogging about a bad cup of tea or the weather, and that can be fine, if it can be linked into a topicĀ RelevantĀ to your sector.

People buy from people

Its a simple fact that people like the personal touch, even though you present yourself or your business through a page in the infinite world of cyberspace, you still can give users an idea of the person you are or the business you want to provide. Develop your writing style that gives a representation of your personality and people will find that more engaging than just searching for static page information that doesn’t necessarily contain anything other than cold, hard facts relating to a product or service provides. Some of our favourite bloggers here at Red Noise Media, are so, due to a personable writing style that conveys a topic well, but more so, their own ability to convey that story.

Free Marketing

Posting blogs and blogging regularly is the modern day equivalent of filing an advert in the loot (ah, the nostalgia). Somebody somewhere, is looking for the service you provide, a simple search term in Google brings up millions of results related to that in a split second, with the right keywords and regular input into your blog, whose to say that that wont be you as the top hit on google? It can be done, and if you put the work in and develop your blogging skills, one day, it will be done.

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