If you are new to the World of WordPress website design you may be asking the question: What is WordPress?

That is a great question, and in this article we are going to outline the benefits of WordPress and talk a little bit more about the history of WordPress.

WordPress started life in 2003 and it was originally launched and used as a blogging platform.

In 2016 WordPress in the number one website design and development platform and WordPress has evolved into the CRM of choice for website owners of all shapes and sizes across the world.

As WordPress designers in Manchester, Red Noise Media have been using WordPress since 2007, with Red Noise Media itself being formed in 2011 as dedicated WordPress agency.

8 things that you might not have known about WordPress:

WordPress is browser based, the benefit of this is that either you or your WordPress agency can manage your WordPress website from anywhere in the planet. Search engines adore WordPress websites, the clean code and simple code behind WordPress makes it easy for the search engines to establish the quality and content of a WordPress much more easily than with other platforms. No complex software is required to set-up or manage a WordPress website. Anyone can set-up WordPress website if they have the time and patience to learn how. Obviously designing WordPress websites is still very much skilled work, but the software itself is very easy to install, thanks to the famous 1 click install system. A blog comes built into WordPress as standard so there is no need to have to worry about costly development and coding a blog system from scratch. You can run a WordPress website with the features and services you want thanks to WordPress plug-ins. WordPress plug-ins are easy to set-up and enable you to add great functionality such as Contact Forms, Google Maps, Video Players and so on. WordPress is available for free and can be downloaded from WordPress.org by anyone.

All of these factors make choosing a WordPress website design a really easy decision. Because of the factors above and many others Red Noise Media are able to offer their clients high quality WordPress websites that are as good as any others you might see online, at a much lower cost than was historically possible by other web designers.

Because the base of the website is built already lots of time is saved on custom code work and website development. The process still required full graphic design work, some coding, and a great understanding of what makes WordPress websites EFFECTIVE.

Our customers told us in a recent survey that they valued our service and chose to partner with us because they were impressed with our commercial focus and our strong desire to deliver a WordPress website that was designed with conversion in mind

Anyone can build a WordPress website, but you almost certainly want a website that will generate leads and sales and drive revenue for your business, and also make a great brand ambassador.

If you are looking for a WordPress website designer in Manchester that will build you a high conversion, great looking website then talk to the friendly folks at Red Noise Media today.

We have built over 100 WordPress websites and the reason for our success is our relentless drive to ensure exceptional customer experience.

You may have heard our famous slogan “Everything our clients want and more”.

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