Website with a blog

Many people see a website as something they need, but not something that they fully understand. One of the first questions most clients will ask is “Will the website be at the top of Google (one of the most popular search engines)”  The answer is quite simple, it could be, but it would take a constant adding to the website with keyword related articles. This basically means  you need a website with a blog.

Website with a blog. What does that mean?

Well once you have your wordpress website built and your static pages (pages that will pretty much not be changed on a regular basis), the search engines will scan them and index them on relevance for the person searching a particular search term (a search term is what you would type in Google when looking for something online), and every so often Google will scan the websites again and re-index them.  If your website has been getting regular updates in the form of a blog and the blog material features relevant content for your business then it will be indexed higher against a website that does not add fresh and unique content.

Website with a blog.  Is it simple to maintain and update?

Yes, if you have any experience using a word processor on your computer, you should have no trouble adding a post to your website, WordPress makes things simple, it is the bloggers tool of choice for its simplicity and power to distribute your blog around the world. Oh yes, your market reach will become global with a well written blog.

Well, we hope that this gives you an idea of what a website with a blog is, if you are interested in taking your business to the next level, then Red Noise Media can supply you with a great WordPress website, fully customised to your business needs.