After a progressive growth over the past three years, and a look at the success of being a ‘locally based’ Web design Manchester agency, we have taken the plunge and added a second studio and two more web designers to our roster.

We have looked at locations and the pros and cons of the move for over 6 months and 3 months ago we formulated a concrete plan and set the wheels in motion.  The fallout from that means that I am sat in our new office writing this blog.  The weather is a lot better than our main office so I am soaking it up before I have to return to the helm in Manchester, leaving our new guys Tim and Pete servicing the ex pat market of the Costa Del Sol.

Red Noise Media open second web design studio

You may be wondering why we have taken our WordPress web design business down to Southern Spain, and the answer is very simple…. So I can take monthly business trips of course! No, not really, there is a huge number of self employed ex pats living in the area who are being underserved by over priced, under skilled web designers.  We want to be able to change that. By offering a value for money web design service and maintaining the websites, our aim is to help the businesses out here to not only keep the level of clients that they currently enjoy, but to build websites that will promote growth.

I will be back in Manchester by this weekend, but the last month has been great fun and a change from the normal grey skies out of the office window while I design websites in Manchester.

So, just before I leave I will let the two new boys tell you about themselves.

Tim O’Neil

Hi, my name is Tim, I am 26 years old with a wife, Claire and a daughter aged 3 called Poppy. I have been building websites for over ten years and moved to Spain 5 years ago doing exactly that on a freelance basis.  As my family has become established and started to grow, I was looking to join a web design agency with a vision.  Red Noise Media seems like a good fit. I enjoy watching football, boxing and like a pint now and again.  In my spare time my wife and I like to go to the beach with our daughter and walk about til she gets all tired out.

Pete Foster

Hola, I am Pete.  I am 41 and have been involved in digital media since I can remember now.  I have been brought on to oversee the Spanish web design studio in the Costa Del Sol and and bring my experience to making it run as smoothly as the Manchester office does.  I have been ghosting Jamie for the past 6 months, getting a feel for the way the business is run and how clients are handled, so I can maintain the high standard out here.

I am originally a Manchester web designer but the chance for a bit of sun and an to spearhead an exciting venture proved too much to say no too.