Getting started with podcasting for your business

Podcast subscriptions on iTunes surpassed 1 billion last year. Whereas a few years ago, podcasting was not on the mind of most marketing teams in the UK, the movement is getting much stronger.

People are tuning out of soundbite marketing and are really engaging with the long tail conversations that can be developed during a podcast.

Clearly, people are tuning in. RawVoice, which tracks 20,000 shows, said the number of unique monthly podcast listeners has tripled to 75 million from 25 million five years ago.

Youtube, iTunes and many more platforms have made it easy for people to setup a podcast and become heard online. Intelligent marketing teams are now pushing their businesses to get on boar, as well.

Here are five reasons you need to get podcasting, if you’re not already.

1. Podcast subscribers are not fickle and really engage once they have subscribed.

According to a recent survey, approximately 90% of your plays and downloads are listened to or watched as a result of your channel being subscribed to. Viewers and listeners no longer have to go searching for your business and the content that you release on a regular basis, as it is delivered to them via a lovely little feature known as notifications. In fact many of your podcast subscribers may not have visited your website.

It has been discovered, and I am a number in this statistic, that most podcast listeners and subscribers consume on average 1 hour and 45 minutes of podcasts a day. That is a phenomenal number and one that you and your business should be looking to capitalise on. 

Goldman Sachs have a great podcast that focuses on the people strictly within their business.

2. Anyone can podcast, people just want content.

If you want to learn anything in this day and age, you could probably find a podcast on Youtube to help you to get an understanding. I myself have been down many a rabbit hole on Youtube and even discovered how to install garden decking in my garden (sigh) while searching for something completely different.

The point being is that anyone who has knowledge and information to share, can easily join the growing trend of podcasting. Our service is cost effective and offers a level of professionalism that you may struggle to achieve jumping in as a starter. 

3. Podcast ads are effective and can be very engaging.

Listeners of podcasts were polled as to their buying habits when advertised to during a podcast. Out of a survey of 300,000 people, a missive 63% of people said that they had bought something directly from the advertisements listened to or viewed during a podcast they were watching. That conversion rate is huge and as such, we implement a clear marketing strategy when recording your podcasts. 

With less constraints on what can be said during podcasts as opposed to radio or television, there is more license to make your adverts personalised and without restrictions outside of common sense of course.

4. Podcasting is a great addition to your marketing output.

Podcasting can really add value to your current marketing streams and even enhance them during discussions on the podcasts. You have a unique ability to engage people with thought provoking points of viewing elaborated on in a long tail format.

Anything can be discussed during a podcast. It is a good idea to discuss monthly news for the business from a marketing perspective before opening up to discussions on niche industry topics that will enhance your business. 

Content marketing isn’t just about blogging. It’s about creating different types of content for your potential customers to engage with, wherever they are. Podcasts are the best format for mobile because it can be easily consumed while on the move or even lay in the garden with your eyes closed.

Joe Rogan has a personal podcast that attracts thousands of new followers each week.

5. Podcasting is Huge–and it’s Growing

Podcasting has been around for about fifteen years, but it’s really coming into its own now. Podcast subscribers are on a massive upwards trend and that shows no signs of abating anytime soon.