Business Video

Getting started with business video

The question that gets put to us the most when people are looking for business videos, is “How can a small business with a small budget get started with video marketing?” As with the principal of Occam’s razor, the simplest answer is usually the correct one. We believe that there are three types of video that will have the greatest impact for your business.  The Product Explainer Video, The Testimonial Video and finally, The video that tells your business story.

These three videos will help you to connect with your clients by telling them who you are and why you started the business you are in, what the products and services are that you offer and how your services have a positive impact on real life customers.

1. Product explainer video

An explainer video can be a valuable tool for any business in the world. If you underestimate the power of video and how it can help you to attain valuable market share in your industry then the person coming up behind you will not. 

It is one thing to have pages of text that tell people what you do, but if you are like me at all, you will be scan reading through large sections of content looking for the HIGHLIGHTS of what you are searching for. 

An explainer video, between one and three minutes in length will help you to sharpen your message and relay it with a conviction and passion that can be lost in translation on the page. People like to deal with people, and by creating a great scene in which to deliver that message and working with a strong script, you can get that valuable content to the eyes and ears of your customers.

2. Customer testimonial video

This is a wonderful way to showcase the thoughts and feeling of your customers. On camera, people have a tendency to elaborate more on the specifics of what made their experience with you a positive one. 

Collecting just a few video testimonials will have a great impact on your business. They can be showcased and marketed on a variety of social media platforms that written testimonials simply do not reach. 

Contact a couple of your customers and invite them in to say a few words over a coffee. It is always a positive thing for both parties to engage in as typically both businesses will receive a benefit from a marketing perspective.


3. Company story video

There was a day when the business you work for and represent, maybe even own, decided that it was going to be. There was a vision of how the business would be run and how it would treat customers and employees. That is where your story should start.

People love a good story, especially one that is ground in truth and passion. When your business started, it was more than likely that it was because it was believed you could provide your product or service in a way that no one was doing, that your passion for doing what you loved would pull you through the tough times of setting up, dealing with branding, a vision, sourcing products and the biggest hurdle of all, getting that first paying customer to the business. Telling a story of how you started and how you have grown gives people a clarity of understanding that jo amount of written text will deliver.

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