Website Redesign

At the end of last year we made a conscious decision to rejuvinate our wordpress website, although the feedback that we was getting was good feedback, we really knew what websites we had secret crushes on and ours wasn’t one of them.  Things were about to change…

Most people assume that if you are busy then you surely haven’t got time to start redesigning , that is simply not the case when you have a dedicated team who have excellent time management skills in their locker.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

When in the early design stage of our website, we decided early on that it had to be mobile responsive. Its the way things are moving, and fast. Desktop computers and laptops will soon be a thing of the past, consigned to history like VCR recorders and remote controls with wires connecting them to the TV.

Tablets and mobile devices are taking over in a big way, the CES 2013 latest tech show in Las Vegas showed just that trend.

You need to be ready to have your website mobile friendly so that it can stay relevant as these changes come into play.

Less Is More

Our old website seemed rather cluttered, it wasn’t a particularly easy site to navigate so we asked ourselves what are the main things that we want people to garner from the site when they visit. Well obviously we wanted people to make an enquiry, and as a picture is capable of painting a thousand words we decided that we wanted a big button, very prominent on the home page that would lead people directly to our portfolio page at which point they would be guided by a simple and yet again, prominent button that took people to the contact form. Simples…

Are We Happy With Our Web Design?

We sure are, we hope you like it too, if so, be sure to contact us to discuss getting your business online.