Being found is a paramount function of having a website online.  We build websites using WordPress and this gives website owners a perfect platform to add fresh and unique content that is relevant to their business and industry.

There are many shortcuts to short term success and many companies out there who are willing to take your budget and pass work on to call centres in places like India and Sri Lanka where labour is cheap, and the staff have no affiliation to your local area and your business.  We don’t approve of this practice, it is unethical in our opinion and will not serve your business in a long term capacity.

The power of local business is massive in the UK.  Our SEO work will give you a good local ranking online by offering well written content that gives relevant information to the person searching online.

We create pages that will target your local area, before moving outwards, extending your reach. We specialise in creating unique content that is written in tandem with your business vision.

This local search term SEO work will allow your website to gain a higher ranking in the search engines, making you visible to potential clients.


Blogging is a powerful tool that if utilised properly, can help you engage with you customer base and potential clients.  We offer a blog writing service that means our writing team researches your field, gets a good understanding of your business and then plans a blogging strategy that will serve to enhance online relationships.

Allowing us to run your SEO campaign by adding well written and planned pages and blogs, will give you the freedom to run the physical side of your business.

We create pages that target specific keywords and local areas and this allows results to be seen almost straight away.  From that we expand the strategy to move the business out with well placed on page links over time.

As opposed to Pay Per Click marketing, the results that we provide don’t stop the day that you stop throwing money into it.  The pages we create will stand the test of time due to the subtle nature of the on page SEO we add.

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