I have been in Manchester three days since opening and working on the new Spanish office of Red Noise Media. I have been enjoying the weather in Manchester so much so that I have dived straight into work and been working on the development of two new websites while overseeing current projects.

I am already booked to return to the web design studio in Spain and spearhead a huge project with the Spanish school system. It’s a huge project and will help us to establish our brand and keep he team over there very busy

The simplicity and beauty of using WordPress as a platform for web design means that I am stood in a friends house waiting for them to get ready while I write this blog on my Iphone. Talk about having no excuse not to keep your blog up to date.

WordPress is great in that it’s accessibility means you can keep your website current and engaged with your clients all the time. It gives propose the chance to see how your business is doing, what plans you may have and so on and so forth. You get complete access to your WordPress web design when you choose Red Noise Media as your designers and a one on one client interface that will leave you feeling assured and confident that your website is in good hands.