Many of the clients that we build WordPress websites for have great intentions of keeping their website up to date and fresh with all the latest goings on and happenings within their business.  The reality is that we very rarely see the clients making the most of this ‘open all hours’ outlet for information.

Learn Worpdress Online

We asked a selection of clients what were the main reasons were behind the lack of content being added to their websites and the two main answers were, not enough time and that they were not confident using WordPress to update the website.  These were two valid points, and where as we cannot help create more free time within someones business, we have come up with a solution for the issue of the virgin wordpress user.

Learn WordPress Online

From next month we are launching a brand new product of online WordPress courses that can be accessed by everyone, not just our current clients.  The online WordPress courses will give you the knowledge and know how in the form of educational material to read and videos to watch, at the end of each section you will be given a test to complete.  You need to attain a certain passmark to receive your certificate for each section.

The aim of this is to allow people to learn WordPress online and give users the confidence they need to take hold of their websites and develop them properly to get the most out of them.

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If you are interested in hearing more about the online courses for learning Wordpress, please fill in your name and email address and we will notify you of the course details when before we do the public launch.