I have been designing websites from the capital of the North, Manchester for longer than I care to remember, it was a profession I fell into rather than chose. I can’t call it a job and maintain a straight face, after all how can it be called work if it is doing something you love?

The volume of work and enquiries that crosses my desk every day is enormous, and as well as being the lead web designer here, I am also front of house and respond to each and every enquiry personally, I know, I should be delegating these tasks out to staff but I call it my labour of love.

Web Designer vs Office Manager: Somethings has to give…

So I love building wordpress websites, but I am also a bit of a control freak, after all, Red Noise is my baby. I have been wrestling with the idea of drip feeding more responsibility out to a very capable staff, more so in the last few weeks, (have I mentioned I am expecting my fourth child in less than a month?) and as the pressure of marrying a successful home life and work life starts to bottle neck, the need to let go of the reigns is becoming more and more apparent.

Being an office manager isn’t so bad is it? I get to oversee each project and put my own stamp onto it, don’t I? What if I get handed a piece of work from the designers that doesn’t warrant any creative input from me? I thought I was having sleepless nights before I started this blog post, I am dreading what will happen tonight.

So it is something that I as a Manchester Web Designer will have to ponder over the forthcoming weeks and maybe months as I work on the logistic end of transferring roles.

Red Noise Media will be taking on another 3-4 staff during 2013, all experts in their respective fields of design, copy writing and customer relations.

I should stop yapping and get back to work.

Have a good day people and be sure to let me have your thoughts on this…