It started as a means to an end, where will it take me?

I started life as a web designer, a WordPress website designer, I might add, two and a half years ago. It was a simple means to an end, I was starting another business and was being quoted silly prices to have a website designed, so I did what all people of vision do, I taught myself, acquired the knowledge and built my own…… shortly after that, the business went bust. This didn’t bother me, I didn’t even give it a single days thought, because by that stage I was hooked on web design.

The same day my brother and I stared at each other from across the office and said, well this is it, game over, we decided to pick the phone up and start ringing small to medium local businesses to offer them the chance of a very low priced website(we had to start somewhere).  Anyway, skip forward 2 and a half years and here I am, owner of Red Noise Media, a still growing, web design company, who build beautiful websites.

Should E ever be squared?

I recently picked up a book, in fact a good friend of mine mailed me a copy from New Zealand to Manchester, England.  The book was called E², it is a great read, and I would highly recommend that if you love life, you should get a copy. There is a chapter in it that deals with notion that your brain takes in that much data per second, to function at all it filters so much out, so you only end up seeing what you want to see, and if you are a negative person, thank god I am not, then that is all you will see, negativity. There is an experiment in the book, in the chapter that I read last night, and the experiment states that within 48 hours I will see at least one butterfly. When I read this, my hopes were crushed that this book was simply not going to deliver, as how would I see a butterfly in Manchester, in Autumn? However, it does say in the books introduction that you have to be open to the power of the FP (field of potential), so I lay believing that yeah, I am going to see a butterfly.

I put the book down and went to sleep. This morning I was woken at 6am by my almost 2 year old, and as always I put the TV on and sat him in the bed playing and tickling him, when I looked at the screen there was a cartoon on and the man was telling the child that a Caterpillar eats the leaves so that it can turn into a butterfly and, sure as shit, a butterfly appeared right in front of me. The excitement was unbearable, I hadn’t had to wait 30 wakeful minutes to see my first one of the day.

Jamie, what are you on about mate? It’s just a font.

It made me realise the things that I no longer take for granted since I began designing websites, beforehand, I didn’t pay attention to much, simply walked with my head down and never looked around at what a rich and vibrant world we live in. Every advert, bill board, music video or documentary I watch now, I am constantly cooing over the colour schemes and fonts on display. I get excited if I see a poster with a font on that I have used on a website design. My life has gone into HD, and I know there is much more to come as I am open to the world of possibilities in such a big way now.

One final thing as well, it is not just a font, it is a thing of beauty…..