Five Tips To Improve Your Organic Google Ranking
For small businesses it can be difficult to find the time or have the knowledge to effectively rank within Google. For many businesses doing a few basic things can be enough to see an increase in visitor traffic to their websites and improvements to their organic Google ranking.

Here are five Tips To Help Improve Your Google Ranking:

  1. The Website –  make sure your website is mobile responsive. If you’ve not touched your website in a while then contact your website designer and see if they can help with your rankings or to see if there is anything that may be hindering your Google rankings.
  2. Select The Right Search Terms – It’s important to decide what search terms you want to rank for on Google and check they are relevant for your business and that people are using these words when looking for your business. Google has tools to help in this space – Google Keyword Planner is just one of these.
  3. Content – Google loves regular content, which means updating your website on a regular basis. Make sure you regularly produce content for your website. This could be done through a news page or a blog page Remember to use your selected search terms in your content.
  4. Images, Photos and Videos – Another important point and one that is quite often overlooked is naming your images or photos appropriately with your chosen search terms. Google can’t read a picture so it relies on the name of a picture to understand your web page and search terms.
  5. Get Other Websites Pointing To You – get other websites pointing to your website – this can be one of the hardest jobs to do but can be the most useful. If these websites are already highly regarded by Google then it can add real weight to your websites authority.

If you need help doing this then get in touch with Red Noise Media.