In the world of WordPress web design, we get many requests to change the way plugins work. It can be testing to sit and go through the files of a plugin and get it to work exactly how is required. Some clients, think it can be a quick fix, but making sure it is compatible with the theme and website in general can be very time consuming.

In August this year, we had the need to amend a client website, namely the compatibilty of a plugin created by David Decker called Genesis Layout Extras.  It is  a plugin that allows developers who are using the Genesis platform to configure the layout of the page, ie. give sidebars and such to themes that would not necessarily support them. It is a great plugin, and I will return to Mr Decker later on, but first, what is Genesis?

We Heart Genesis

If you are a developer of WordPress websites, then you need to seriously consider using Genesis based themes from Studiopress. The clean coded framework of Genesis and the simple, yet powerful child themes that are produced only serve to enhance an maximise the potential of any website that you undertake, giving your clients a massive boost in a market become saturated with over the top WordPress themes.

Ask yourself, what is the aim of your website?

The aim of any website should be simple, to convey information and engage your clients in a manner befitting of your present or desired company reputation. A professional image is the minimum what people expect from a modern website, social media and maybe mobile responsiveness also come into play. The main thing that a website needs, in particular to the search engine ranking is fresh, unique and relevant content. If you don’t believe me then go take a look at Copyblogger Media, these guys are serious about content marketing and offer the tools to make you a master of your online business.

So,Why David?


Well I have started this blog, as when David Decker helped me out back in August, I was taken aback by how this lad from Germany had seemingly gone out of his way, either during his working day or even during his own personal time and helped a total stranger. It pulled me out of the proverbial shit, purely from a time constraint purpose of course, but nevertheless, these acts of kindness should never go unnoticed. We swapped emails and I gave login details and within a couple of days, both my client and I were very happy. It’s a small tale but one worth telling in my opinion.

So To summarise, thank you David. It was appreciated.