We have had a great couple of months so far this year.  A steady stream of web design projects have come in and work has begun in earnest to make each of the websites that we are currently working on, simply put, the best we have ever done.  With each new project, comes new skills, shortcuts to completing the tasks that are essential in putting together a great search engine friendly website.

Why cover your homepage with unnecessary rubbish?

Some clients come on board and they they have a vision in mind of what they want the website to do, how they want it to look and first and foremost, what they want to pay. There is an initial yearning from our clients to request that we build them a website that has everything on the home page, everything in the page sidebars and rotating images this and rotating banners for that, we say ‘It’s just not necessary’.

Why do we say this? Well, most clients are of the understanding that the clients behave like children and they want flashing images to give the site a cool look, a modern look, an expensive look. Truth be told, when you, me or anyone goes onto a website, we are after one simple commodity…. Information.

Let people know what you do via your website

We want to know in most cases, what the company featured on the website does, what existing customers think of the company, what they charge, and how to contact them to get it. They don’t just want the information on the website, they want to access it simply and within a few clicks.

If you look at our current website, it can come across as quite simple, plain even. Yet it is moving into the positions on the search engine rankings that we have targetedcbecause we have stripped it out of unnecessary distractions and because we give the written word the headline billing.

Increase enquiries and build lasting relationships

The result…. Our work load and inquiries have tripled, amazing, especially as we didn’t use our magic wand even once? We simply told people what we do, which is build WordPress websites as well as e-commerce web solutions, how much we charge, which is from just from £250, what our work looks like (although when we get a break in between clients websites we will be updating our own portfolio to a style that we will be happier with), and where we are, Manchester.

Turn online inquiries into new business

Fair enough, I have spent a pretty penny in petrol over the past couple of months traversing Manchester for client meetings, and I have drank a few coffees and a few pints (not when I am driving of course) as well, but it is all in the name of taking our service to people and offering them a web design service that is second to none, and we are just that…. Second to none.

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