Yesterday, after three long years of running a web design business in sunny Manchester, England, I took delivery of my first Apple iMac.  I have been using a Samsung laptop for the last 18 months and it has served me very well, I have produced some fantastic websites with it and until it started to show signs of ageing, I had no intentions of replacing it.

When I first noticed that there were a few things impairing her performance I must have subconsciously started weighing up replacement options.  When I first went into business I am ashamed to say that I really wanted a touch screen all in one computer, for what reason other that getting excited on the first day of using it and then never using the touch screen again, I do not know.  Last time I upgraded, I went for a widescreen 17inch laptop, it was lovely and did things so much better than its predecessor.

This time I made a snap decision whilst in a computer driven rage (come on, we all have them).  I left the office to go for a walk before the computer ended up in a heap and simply walked round the block and collected my thoughts. I got back from my walk calm and in a better place as I ordered my new Apple iMac, which promptly arrived the day after and yesterday was my Christmas come early. I explored, tested, uploaded, installed and listed to music through the beautiful sounding speakers.

Today on the other hand is as they say, time to get back to business.  I know I need to learn so much more of apps and the like but I need to get my head back in the game and work on the jobs that are on the board, which at this point at 8:11am are 17 new websites under various stages of construction.

I am hoping this new machine gives me the extra mile to elevate the quality of my work to the next level, but is that how it works, or have I simply took the option to join the cool crowd and gone Apple mad, I suppose I should report back next week and let you know.

I am off to work, so have a good one everyone.