So last year I had an incredibly busy year, I made some great business acquaintances in the form of Sharp Monkeys and D3 Marketing, both of whom I worked closely with on several projects, and who I work closely with still. Sharp Monkeys are becoming a major digital agency across the West Midlands and we feel honored to be working with them on such a close level from the outset.

On top of the work we took on board from a multitude of marketing and digital agencies, our own web ranking for the keywords we targeted brought in many enquiries and some great projects that enhanced our skill set tremendously. All in all it was a busy but very productive year.

Towards the end of the year I felt jaded, I had worked personally 7 days a week and sometimes 17 hours a day. It was starting to become evident in my email response time and the speed in which projects were turned around. No one complained but I knew I had to make changes.

Christmas came and I did something unprecedented, something that I had not done since I started Red Noise Media almost 2 years ago, I took two weeks away from work without giving it a seconds thought. E-Mails continued to come thick and fast but I gave obligatory responses to let people know when I was back in.

I enjoyed spending great time with my family, listening to christmas songs, eating mince pies and other festive tit-bits and generally just taking it easy.

So the New Year came and went with a damp squib, I ushered the New Year in by being fast asleep in bed at 10:30pm after a night at the in-laws playing Cluedo and Smart Ass.

I slowly let myself crawl into work, and within a day or two I felt like a new man, I was re-juvinated in a big way, I deleted my facebook account and quickly re-established some more work beneficial social media outlets, Google+ and Pinterest made it onto the first page of my website.

I redesigned my Red Noise Media website, making the site clean and simple to navigate, I chopped and changed and chopped again. I worked until 3am one morning going to bed three times in the process and getting up after having ideas pop into my mind. I was in love with being a web designer again, I was enjoying learning and implementing new css styling methods on WordPress.

The big change I am making this year is that I will now only be working 9-5.30pm so that I can come home and help my partner with our son as we prepare for our new baby boy who is due in a months time exactly. Exciting times at home and at work.

2013 is the year for me and Red Noise Media, I can feel it in my bones, check out the work that we do by clicking here and if you would like us to to help you with your next project.