When most people start their own business it is usually down to one of two things, either they are just so fantastic at what they do or they have a great passion for what they do, the old hobby into a career path. Sometimes the two are intrinsically fused, the passion feeds the ability and vice-versa.

Have A Vision

If you have took the step to start your own business, by rights you should be it long term or short term, plan to be the best in your field. Steve Jobs didn’t wake up the biggest and best in the world of computers. When he began the journey to being the producer of some of the most cutting edge main stream technology products, what he did was start with an idea and through passion into it day after day and year after year to become a world renowned icon.

We Don’t Start Off as Being The Best

When I started Red Noise Media, I wasn’t the best web designer in Manchester, I was barely the best if I was stood in a phone box on my own, but I had a desire to hone my craft and skills and dedicate many hours, coming up short on many occasions but not giving up on my goal to have the leading web design firm in the whole of the UK. I am not saying it will happen this year next year or in ten years, but it will happen.

Dedication Will Prevail

By dedicating myself to the task in hand on every project and not getting sidelined by the delusions of what life would be like if I had the biggest web design company in world, I managed to produce work to the best of my given ability, and the ability grows with every project.

we take the best elementsBe Online

The recent collapse of big high street brands such as HMV and Blockbuster Video has shown that you cannot rely on the thinking ‘Well I have never needed to be online before, why do I need it now?’  The simple fact is that you do need to be online, that is how people are searching for products and services. The digital revolution is upon us and whether you are an established accountants with more clients than you can handle or a high street bakery, the simple fact of the matter is that the long term sustainability of your company will rely on having a web presence that presents your business to the millions searching in the best possible light.

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