All Hands To The Pump

The Christmas period is always a great time, here at Red Noise Media, web design Manchester. we love the ability to down tools after a hectic year and spend quality down time with the family. I myself have 2 boys, Michael and Jamie and a my little angel girl Lola. That is now, in a months time we will have another little addition in the form of another brother for them all, Patrick, I think we have decided on as a name.

So, I have 2 weeks off without so much as thinking about a website (that’s what I tell my better half, but I can’t stop thinking about websites and all over Christmas while our website was in transition I coldn’t stop thinking about the fact that I had not uploaded a portfolio page to show some of our previous work, that is one of our biggest selling points…. Eeek!

Now I am back, the email situation is crazy. I had something like 400 emails in my inbox, most of them had been answered in part through my trusty iPhone 4s, but to sit and go through each one making a list of individual jobs was time consuming to say the least.  I need a secretary and fast.