Working with WordPress

We have been advocates off the use of WordPress ever since we started designing websites as Red Noise Media. The easy to manage interface gives businesses the perfect tool for adding and editing content to their website so that it can grow into something that gives their customers information about what they do.

The point of any website is simple, it is to give the viewer, the person typing in search terms, clear, useful and helpful information about any given topic.

Some people have websites that are unclear to navigate and in some cases leave the visitor feeling bewildered and confused as to where to click on next. The last thing that you want to every do, is leave potential clients or customers feeling dumb.

WordPress, is it that simple to use?

WordPress offers a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) platform that gives remarkable ease of use to upload and edit text, add images, header tags, and many functions that you would expect from any half decent office word processor. The fact that the content can be put online in a few simple clicks can only serve to encourage business owners to utilise the power of the web and the written word as a constant means of communication.

The simple fact is that for ever 1000 businesses who do not take a website seriously and have one simply because they have been told that they should be on the web, 10 businesses are taking it serious and they are the businesses that are appearing in the search engines and are attracting new clients on a daily basis.

This page has taken me 10 minutes to write, it is now sat on my website and it is unique, fresh content written for you, the user.  Google likes when people proactively communicate and as such moves the websites into the places that they deserve. All I wanted to bring to your attention, for the novice is that WordPress is secure, robust and is being enhanced and developed on a daily basis.

WordPress Website Designer

We offer a WordPress web design service, which is two tier, firstly we offer and advocate the use of template based websites, this is a cheaper alternative and perfect for any business, small or large, the other service which has come into play many occasions is for us to build a bespoke, white label website that is unique from ever other website. The decision is totally yours and normally comes straight down to your budget. We take time to explain timescales for jobs and give you a clear indication of the cost of building a website for you.

We are transparent in all of our costings and only offer a service that we believe is value for money.

To learn more fill in the contact form below and let one of us give you a no obligation and more important non sales call. We never hold on to details from our enquiries and certainly never pass them on to anyone.