The world of tablets and smartphones means that you simply have to be responsive in order for your online business to flourish and work towards generating all important interest and enquiries.  If you are wondering if it is really that important to have your website responsive then let me give you a few simple reasons as to why web design needs to be responsive.

Google prefers mobile responsive web design

Different search engines rank websites higher and lower depending on their own ‘scoring criteria’, the daddy of all search engines is Google. It’s part of modern culture now when you don’t know something to say “Just Google it”. Google recommends that you build your website using responsive design and it even favours the sites that do incorporate mobile responsive design into their web build. It is true more so in the case of local search results, in our case ‘WordPress web design Manchester’.

User experience is paramount

Users don’t want to work at making your website fit the device they use.  People want a website that fits beautifully on their device and allows them to browse effortlessly. With mobile responsive web design all the rendering is built in so that whatever device your visitor is using, they will have your website fitting perfectly within the frames and with seamless content flowing across the display. Remember that you are not building a website for you, you are building a website for them…..

Keep to one URL

This point could not be simpler.  Although some standalone mobile websites are very fit for purpose, it requires a tremendous amount of duplication of content, work and creating backlinks to make them both work as powerfully as one another. By keeping to one URL for your website, all the social shares, backlinks and content work to stand both versions in great stead